Horizon Statement

Recently I was invited to be in a show called “50/50”. The artists involved had to come up with a theme and were given 50 6” sq. panels. We then had 50 days to complete the work, with the idea that we would do one a day. My theme was “Mood of the Day”, which was really just chosen as a broad-enough theme so that I could figure out what I was doing later. As I was driving down the coast after picking up my 50 panels, I was thinking about how one could capture the mood of 50 specific days. It seems to me that many times a day is summarized by a quick glance or moment…some small thing that stands out on that particular day. It was early evening and I kept looking at the sky, horizon line and sea. A good time to reflect upon the day’s events and mood. That became my subject! At the end of the day, I would spend some time reflecting upon the day by allowing myself to sit still and look at the horizon. The part of the sky I focused on became the painting of the day. To keep it cohesive, I looked at the sky as bands of light in sevens…seven panels for each color and band of sky. It was very fun and liberating to paint so quickly and successively and it pushed me into an entirely new direction…abstraction!